Travel your Dreams, Face your Nightmares.

In Dreamscape you travel the dreams of humainty, with the power to reshape that world at a whim, but the darkness of your own subconcious haunts your every step.

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Ghost Stories

Dare You Face the Darkness?

Take on the role of adolescents gifted and cursed with powers that will send them face to face with the supernatural; all while trying to juggle both friends, school and family.

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Hell on Earth

The Sins of Man Shall Pave the Way…

Hell on earth is a religiously inspired game of dark intrigue amongst the offspring of Lucifer and his fallen angels, tasked with preparing the world for Lucifer’s return.

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Welcome to the Red Panda Group.

We are a game design collective devoted to the idea of autonomy and cooperation. We work together to make our games the best they can be, while letting each creator retain his IP and his authorial control.

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